Andrea Belluso’s personal art projects clearly speak for his wish to be totally undefined.

Each and every project has an entity and an energy of its own and for those foreign to Andrea Belluso’s work they might not make any sense.

The red thread that Andrea Belluso sees in his personal art work is very simple, all of it has been done by him and it describes very clearly his way of thinking totally out of the box and in a million directions, always creating with light and in different creative ways, and often with slightly provocative tongue-in-cheek.

The Polaroid Kids

These images where shot on large format 8x10' Polaroid film. They where first shown at Kulturhuset, the National Culture House in Stockholm. The exhibition was part of a movement with the cultural group Tryck to increase awareness over the fact that children should not be judged by their appearance but they should be respected for their creativity. The masks are all decorated by the children wearing them, deriving the attention from their different ethnical backgrounds and directing it onto their imagination. This exhibition is an ongoing project that is constantly renewed in different parts of the world.
the Polaroid film was chosen because it is a very unstable medium, it changes very rapidly, just like we humans do, and in a few years the images might have totally faded away, just like our bodies will, but this does not stop us from admiring the beauty that comes from one or the other.


Andrea Belluso is also a Non Violence Project Ambassador, and as such he uses his art in different ways to advocate and promote the work that Non Violence is creating around the world.

Below are some pictures of two ongoing projects, one with other Non Violence Ambassadors and the other with Fashion for Non Violence.




A book project that totally revolutionised Andrea Belluso’s way of creating with light. From always carefully planning his lighting for his shoots, Andrea was all of a sudden creating light spontaneously since he never knew who his subjects were before a shoot, not where they would be or what they would be doing. This 3-year project was the beginning of Andrea Belluso setting lights that would create more for each situation, without going into predetermined ideas of what it should look like.

Although this project has been quite controversial in its time, it was definitely an important milestone in giving birth to a totally new way of non-thinking when it comes to light, which is actually the only way to be truly creative.

There are less than 100 copies left for sale of this book as it was only printed in 1.000 copies. Find out more about the book, how it all began and more on